The revolution starts with Sydney

We want the world to embrace sustainable energy. That’s why – with your help – we’re building wind and solar farms to make it happen. Starting with Sydney, city by city, country by country, we will change the world together.

The vision is simple; If we can make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels, everyone will want it.

Starting with North Head in Sydney, Australia, that’s exactly what The Global Warming Solution plans to do. Backed by people just like you, we build solar and wind energy farms that will operate at break-even after refurbishment costs. The result is the cleanest and cheapest possible energy at around just A2.5 c/kWh. This cheap energy can also be used to make cheap clean Hydrogen for less than A2.0/Kg.

Sydney will become the flagship city that will set the benchmark for renewable, affordable energy. From Sydney-siders to global citizens, let’s unite and make it happen.





Our wind &
solar farms


*Estimated average c/kWh

Join the People's Sustainable Revolution Online

We might be starting with Sydney, but The Global Warming Solution has a vision much bigger than just one city. We plan to evolve – city by city, country by country – creating a community of like-minded people intent on ending global warming and climate change much faster. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Contribute – starting from just $5.50 per week you can be part of building Sydney’s first wind farm, and be part of building a better future.
  2. Spread the word – we want the world to know that we’re no longer waiting for the government to embrace renewable energy. We’re here, and we’re taking things into our own hands.
  3. Get social – share our content, like our videos, comment on our posts. These seemingly small gestures can make a big difference in getting the Global Warming Solution story heard.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the #theglobalwarmingsolution and help the world combat global warming.


The climate doesn't
choose sides

We're an organisation that’s aligned with planet earth, not any political parties.

With our members, we're taking climate change into our own hands and acting now to create a more sustainable future.

There's no partisan politics here. There's no 'us versus them'.

The Global Warming Solution is about uniting communities, not dividing them. We do this by offering a tangible, easy, and affordable way for people to tackle climate change.

Sustainable Development Education Centre

Our Sustainable Development Education Centre will be a place designed to teach people the benefits of sustainability in society, including in the home, transport and lifestyle. It will also share information and educate visitors about the Sustainable Development Goals published by the UN and pull apart the complexity of the issues that make up sustainable development.

The UN’s sustainable development goals need to be renamed – here’s why

15 July 2020

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) announced the Sustainable Development Goals 2030; 17 goals aimed at fostering ‘peace and prosperity for people and the planet’. While we agree with the overall objectives the term ‘sustainable development’ shouldn’t be used and actually confuses…


Is hydrogen the answer to climate change?

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future   A clean energy source, it can be easily transported and transformed into electricity to power homes, industries, trucks, planes…the list goes on. Given the opportunity, hydrogen can replace fossil fuels and drastically and positively impact climate change. And our wind and solar farms can produce it. According […]


A better, more affordable concept
to combat global warming.