Founders’ Story


The family’s mission to make Sydney one of the world’s most sustainable cities

Meet the Bain family, the pioneers behind The Global Warming Solution. The family have a rich history of entrepreneurship across Australia and beyond.

It is safe to say that success runs in the Bain family’s blood; Lewis Potter Bain and Jim Bain were both Chairman of the Stock Exchange. Keith Bain was the founder of AGC Finance before Westpac acquired it. Netsy Bain’s Grandfather, Albert Grace, started Grace Brothers before Myer purchased it. And Jim Bain grew Bain and Company into a significant Investment Bank before Deutsche Bank acquired it.

The family now wants to use its considerable skills and track record of success to create a sustainable future for everyone.

The Global Warming Solution is led by CEO Roger Bain, who has spent decades researching wind farms and building sustainable developments. Now, the Bain family is ready – with the help of each of you – to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge.

“The Global Warming Solution has been an idea of mine for over 15 years. With the current worldwide interest in tackling climate change, it was time to release the concept to the world so that we can unite to make it happen,” Roger Bain.

A better, more affordable concept
to combat global warming.