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There are three projects in the pipeline, with the first being North Head (8 turbines) in Sydney’s north, another south of the city in Botany Bay (20 turbines) and one in the heart of the iconic Sydney Harbour (4 turbines).

These wind and solar farms will transform the gateways to Sydney and – combined with record rooftop solar uptake – will make Sydney one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Currently, all projects are at early stages, with crowdfunded contributions supporting local government, national parks lobbying and procurement of planning permissions. This means that all wind turbine locations are currently indicative and may change.

The success of The Global Warming Solution and the support from you and the media will be critical to achieving our three-year timeline to raise the money, plan, and get approval for the wind and solar farm at North Head.

North Head

The first proposed project, Ballerina Park, will be a wind and solar farm at North Head in Sydney. It will become home to eight wind turbines adjacent to the sewage plant on the eastern boundary. There will also be a Sustainable Development Education Centre aimed at promoting a more sustainable future for all.

The Global Warming Solution initially aims to raise A$50 million over three years to get the required planning approval and complete Ballerina Park. Building wind and solar farms in cities isn’t a quick fix, but its impact will last forever.

Botany Bay

Our second planned project is 20 wind turbines located in Sydney’s Botany Bay, away from the housing at Kurnell and the aircraft flight path. This second development would take Sydney a step further to becoming one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s iconic harbour is the suggested site for our third project. Four large wind turbines would be located at Sow and Pigs Reef, Shark Island, Clark Island and adjacent to Fort Denison. It is proposed to make the Fort Denison wind turbine one of the biggest in the world to rival the Harbour Bridge and Opera House as engineering masterpieces and tourist icons. These wind turbines would not operate at night which is a game changer regarding environmental impacts.  With thousands of tourists visiting the harbour every single day, Sydney’s reach as one of the world’s most sustainable cities would be unbeatable.

If we don’t meet our timelines on our Sydney flagship projects we will divert funds to other projects across the nation.

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