Green one-off

For those making one-off payments over $500.

Join The Global Warming Solution and make a difference today.

Join the Global Warming Solution and help us build a better future.

Your contribution will go directly towards the development of our first project, after which we will continue to build in locations across Australia and beyond.

As part of your membership, you will receive visual updates on the progress of the build and ongoing advice and support on how to live more sustainably.

You can rest easy, knowing that 90% of your money goes directly to funding the wind and solar farms. The other 10% goes towards management fees to run the organisation and helping to get the word out there about The Global Warming Solution.

How much of my money goes towards the projects?
We want to make sure as much of your money as possible goes directly towards tackling climate change. That's why 90% of your contribution goes to funding the wind and solar farms. That starts with funding the planning permission and lobbying process, and then, of course, the physical build and development of the sites. Another 8% goes towards getting the word out there about The Global Warming Solution and covering the risks of the developments. The final 2% is a management fee that goes towards the running costs of the organisation.
What does cheaper energy mean for me?
We've got big aims here at The Global Warming Solution. We want to push fossil fuels out of the picture by making renewable energy cheaper than anything available on the market. Our goal is to undercut fossil fuels in the wholesale market so that energy providers can purchase our energy, and in turn, pass it on to you at a cheaper price. The result is cheaper energy for you and a better, more sustainable world for us all. But how will we do this? By operating our wind and solar farms at breakeven, rather than at a profit. Once complete, we'll be producing the cleanest and cheapest possible energy at around just ~A2.0 c/kWh. Fossil fuels are usually ~A6.0 c/kWh and existing renewable energy is ~A6.5 c/kWh.
What do I get for my contribution?
You become part of the people's sustainable revolution; a community of like-minded people united in their purpose to solve climate change. On a more tangible level, you are directly contributing towards building one of the most sustainable cities in the world right here in Sydney. Three potential sites in Sydney are already in negotiations with a four-year build timeframe for the first project. Your contribution goes towards securing these sites, lobbying local governments and National Parks Services to support the build, and then the construction of the wind and solar farms themselves. Sydney will become a shining example of how cities can do better, and our ultimate aim is to transform the way the world consumes energy, city by city, country by country. When you sign up as a contributor, you will receive a fortnightly email with an update on the progress of all of the above, plus practical advice and inspiration on how to live more sustainably.

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